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Deaf Sign Language's

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I know it has been a while that I last written on the Blog.  Here I am now!  I was doing the market research and building connection with the Deaf community around the world.


British Sign Language

It's my first language is British Sign Language and it is the most effective deaf communication rather than trying to lipread which it is so hard work.  For example, can you try to lipread "Diet Coke" and "Tango"?  Both lip movement are the same.  Listening is impossible as I said in the last Blog about being Deaf everyday - Can you type a qwerty keyboards with missing buttons?  Same things as a Deaf person trying to listen.   See the links

I learnt lots of different sign language through the market research.  But firstly, let me show you the basic of the British Sign Language.

British Sign Language Alphabet

(no voice)

This is an example of what British Sign Language.  It's a video about our then company Films14 Limited which it is FilmSense Limited now.

As you can see on the video, we don't use the finger spelling all the times.  The best place to learn the British Sign Language is at


New Zealand Sign Language

I learnt New Zealand Sign Language through the internet search and video.  It is a quite similar to the British Sign Language BUT it is not the same.  For example "Interpreter" sign language is very different between NZSL and BSL.  They called themselves as Deaf Aotearoa.

New Zealand Sign Language Alphabet is same as the British Sign Language, see below.

NZSL Alphabet

I found a good video of New Zealand National Anthems in Sign Language.  See below.

New Zealand Sign Language National Anthems

If you want to learn more about New Zealand Sign Language.  See the links :-


America Sign Language

I learnt a lots about the America Sign Language, they are very strong Deaf community and they got a lot of pride about their own Deaf cultures and sign language.

America Sign Language are complete different from the British Sign Language and you properly thought that we share the same English language but the sign language aren't.

America Sign Language Alphabet is NOT same as the British Sign Language, see below.

America Sign Language use a hand and British Sign Language use two hands.

There is a very good video to learn basic America Sign language and I love this video.  See the video in the below.

8 Phrases You Need To Know In American Sign Language

If you want to learn more about America Sign language.  See the links :- 


Australia Sign language

Australia Sign Language is commonly known as AUSLAN because it's short for "Australia Sign Language"  (see the bold).

Auslan is more similar to New Zealand Sign Language than British Sign language and using two hands alphabet.

Auslan Alphabet 

I have learnt Auslan Alphabet is same as British Sign Language Alphabet.

I discovered it is quite similar to the British Sign language, the only different is just like accent.

See the video which it is useful to know what is Auslan like.

So, now you know how to sign in basic Auslan.

If you want to learn more about the Auslan, see the link:-


South Africa Sign Language

Do you remember the infamous fake sign language interpreter?  If not, see the video in the below.

This is NOT South Africa Sign Language.  The South Africa Sign Language can be shown on the video in the below.

SASL discussing about healthy lifestyle.

South Africa Sign Language Alphabet is one hand, not two hands as the British Sign Language.  I notice some sign words same as the British Sign Language but it's not a lots.

South Africa Sign Language Alphabet 

It is same as America Sign language Alphabet but not Sign Language words.

If you want to learn more about SASL.  This video in the below is a introduction to SASL.

Introduction to SASL

American Sign Language (ASL), Quebec Sign language (Langue des signes québécoise) and Maritimes Sign Language (MSL).
In the Canada, there is three different Sign Language, One is America Sign Language, another is Quebec Sign Language but a proper words is Langue des signes québécoise, short words is LSQ and there is also a regional dialect, Maritimes Sign Language (MSL).

America Sign language
Canadian Deaf mostly use the America Sign Language is the same language as the United State of America in the above. Also, they use the ASL finger spelling as well.

Langue des signes québécoise
It's Quebec Sign Language which it is different from the America Sign Language and they are using the French Language.

Langue des signes québécoise
(Quebec Sign Language)

I personally don't know much about it but let have a look of the video in the below.

Maritimes Sign Language

Maritime Sign Language (MSL), is a village sign language derived from British Sign Language and formerly used in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is still remembered by some elderly people and some people called it as Nova Scotian Sign Language. What I learnt it is a mostly finger-spelling in America Sign Language, few British Sign Language and Quebec Sign Language words. It's becoming extinct Language.

See the video in the below.

Agenda clarification in Maritime Sign language

As you see that my head is full of the different sign language and it is bizarre because these countries main language is the English Language.  I will studies more about these Sign language to make myself very effective in commutation with the Deaf people around the world.

Take care of yourself

Shaun :-)

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