Wednesday, 13 January 2016

CCaption TV

Why I never give up my dream?

Let me tell you about my dream, why I never give up and why I am doing this? Even an idea sound crazy or impossible?  
I first original idea dated back to January 2013 after I frustrated with the lack of closed captioning online and endless search of DVD/Blu-ray to check if it got closed captioning which it is driving me mad and unnecessary stress.
Sometimes, I forgot to check and end up paying DVD without closed captioning which it regard useless and unwatchable.  I reached the point when I looked for a movie on the Netflix which took me over 30 mins to find a movie with closed captioning available.  It was unenjoyable and rubbish user experience.  Netflix improvised over the time but their captioning are very poor quality, sometimes the words are missing that unable us to follow the conversation, sometimes they showing all in the CAPTIAL LETTERS.
None of these online movies services is Deaf friendly and they often provide the lack of or poor quality of closed captioning.  Why should we put up this crap service?  Do we deserve this?
Of course, in the USA, they must provide closed captioning by the law but it looked awful because captioning is all in the capital letters and in one color.  


So, I set up my first company called Films14 and it is online movie and TV series with 100% closed captioning available.  The cost of setting up was very high and I don't have much money, but I keep trying to achieve it which it was becoming almost possible over the time with negotiation to the supplier's and almost to launch until I met few guys who were interested about my idea and advise me to hold because they can make it better.


Then, they end up being directors of Films14 after the business meeting in London.  In the beginning, everything was great, positive, global vision and achievable which it was utterly brilliant!  We change the company name into FilmSense which it is my second company, we promote about this company and in the positive light which many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people were very exciting about this company.  I was told there was a huge investment for this company which it was brilliant news and the team was brilliant!  
But unfortunately, over the times everything becoming sour.  I set up FilmSense website and was told to take it down because of somewhat reason and he said that he is doing the website with me, but nothing happened.  Communication faded away, Only one board meeting held in a year, they mostly kept me in dark, big words and no actions, going in the circle, launch delay and all these guys take different directions which I know nothing about, then closed this company without my knowledge. 
Where is the investment?  Where is the website?  Why had it gone down to the drain?
I was bewildered because it was a huge global opportunity, brilliant service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and they threw it away!
Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people were annoyed with me, I felt so awful and embarrassed about this situation which it was out of my hand.  It hit my confidence and morale so hard, but I persevere.  At least, I gained a huge experience and it showed my strength.  This is only a feedback. 

SubFilms TV

One of Director who were in FilmSense asked me to set up a company with him. It's the same idea, but smaller launch platform.  It was SubFilms, which it was positive and hope.  I worked so hard, set up the website and doing everything for this third company.  I even spend my own money to invest this company which I believe in.  I have no idea what my business partners were doing, business communication were awful and asynchronous which it delay company to progress further.  I didn't spread the words with the SubFilms on the social media because I want to be sure it will happen and doesn't want to let people down again.
After six months, my morale was at the rock bottom and struggling to keep going.  I was a shadow of myself and cannot to progress like this.  I took a brave and ruthless decision to go on my own way and start again.  Of course, my former business partner was so angry and warned me.  I need to move quickly, take action not empty words or a waste of times of going in the circle like FilmSense.

CCaption TV

I set up CCaption TV Limited which it is my fourth attempt and I owed it to my family and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.  Also, we need to have a Deaf friendly Online Movie and TV series websites such as Trailer's, Movies, Behind the Sense, Interview with movies stars, short films, Deafwood (Deaf made movie's) and TV series.  All closed captioning included.  Our closed captioning style is better than the USA capital letters captioning.  Also, it is the WORLD FIRST colour captioning with the black background. 
CCaption TV - Homepage

CCaption TV - Trailer with Closed Captioning

Everything going quickly and smoothly, set up a website from nothing, done all these work on the website which it is over 300,000 coding lines, post trailer's with closed captioning, link to full-length movie or TV series with closed captioning available, social media to spread the words about CCaption TV even after this big let down with Films14 and FilmSense.  This website launches quietly as I don't have a marketing fund, but I am getting lots of positives response from the user's, but I need to improvise more to get the ultimate goal of this business.  The numbers of subscription are growing and getting closer to purchase the movie licences with the help from the subscription.
We are working very hard to get what this company needs to progress further.  I am now more experienced and wiser with the business leadership skill. 
I gained a team behind CCaption TV and working towards to achieve the end game.
I will never ever give up this dream and it is happening now because I am an entrepreneur, we all deserve an excellent access to the online movie and TV series service and I believe in it.
Whatever happens, give up is a failure.  And please spread words to anyone that may be interesting about this company.
Thank you for your times.
Shaun Sadlier

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