Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to be a great leader?

Being a leader is not a simple and straight forward task because you need lots of experience, learn from lots of mistake and correct it.  I tell you from my experience of the leadership.  I was a captain of the football club which I lead a team to "back to back" Staffordshire AC Premier League Champion three times in a row.  I, also, was running a football club for a five-a-team without the training facilities and I transform this club into a 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side with the training facilities, working with a professional football club, UEFA qualification coaches, kits and transport assistance within 6 years.  A great achievement!

A league champion at Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent!
Andrew Griffiths MP handed a trophy to me.

Most important part of the Leadership in the following by:-


It is a useful skills, if anyone having a issue or having a problems.  Just listen without irrupting and then offer your advices or what you going to do about it in the positive way.


If anyone in your team struggling and being negative.  Just highlight what they are good at and show them what they can do about it.


I recall our football team were struggling to break through their defending, we were defending a lots, under pressure and our team starting to give in.  I was a defender, and I find it unacceptable.  So, when I got a ball and I tried to score a goal from the back of the pitch.  Sometime I success and sometime I near miss.  The team attitude change quickly, becoming more lively and start attacking then we won a match.    Just show what you can do, and the team will follow.


It is one of the important skills, if anyone got into difficulties or struggling.  Just go and show that you care to make sure the outcome is good or making it better than before.  I recall a team bust up with the another team, I just push players back to make sure they don't being stupid or getting themselves send off then I make the team to calm down and focus their energy to the football.  Or when any players got into injury that cause by a tackle and my job is to make sure they are OK.  If not, I just yell at Referee to stop the game.

The compassion that you can do is just make sure the team is not being negligence and let them going to the wrong track.

Role Model.

Being a role model is showing an example of your behaviour, just make sure that you are positive and show that you can do it.  If you becoming careless and then the team will becoming careless!


When anyone is struggling.  Just give a little push with compassion and show they can do it.  For example, If anyone in the training and struggling with the fitness, I show them, look how far you have done and praising  them a lots as I can.  Also, when the session is done and I praise the team for trying their best as they can.

A good problem solving.

This skills is very useful for the leadership.  When you got stuck with difficulties with the strategy and you need to adapt quickly as possible.  Take a good note of the problem and use your imagination to find a way to solve it.  If it doesn't work, bin it and if it is working, use it.

Positive and can do attitude.

You need to be positive and can do attitude.  Remember nothing is impossible.  For example, as a human being have achieved lots of great things such as Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, Richard Branson with the Virgin, Bill Gates with the Microsoft.  Everybody can do it as long being positive, never give up or going back.  Nothing stop you and there is no excuse.

Break the barrier.

There is always the barrier ahead of you and when the barrier is there, you need to find a way around to break it down.  Any failure, review it and improvise.  I am Deaf and I faced communication barrier every single day.  But, I don't give up when I faced with the communication difficulties and it is so hard work to get communication across.  If I give up and I will never be successful.

Take the step's rather a big jump to the top.

It is important to have this attitude.  Let's say, your goal is top of the mountain.  It is impossible to done it in a second with a big jump to the top.  So, every steps is important.  Some is easy and some is hard, but, you can go all the way to the top.  You need to find the correct progress to the top and find any barrier to review it to find a way to break it down.

Say yes, and think how to solve it after.

If anyone ask to see if we can do it.  Say yes!  You can do it and you need to think how to provide it.

If someone asking for impossible such as pushing a moon to the sun which it is a crazy things to do.  You can explains why it is not a common sense to do to this and make some positive outcome at the end.  For example, you could say that you could arrange to get a moon rock to put in the rocket and send it to the sun instead?  A good example can be found at this link Death Star Petition

That's how I success with a football team and then a business.  Use this skills in the above and it will send your confidence soaring.

All the Best!


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