Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to build your business mentality

Hi there!

I would like to show you how to build your business mentality.

Want, How, Plan and Achieve.

Let say, you got an idea for a bike with a super power petal which it is not available on the market.

Most important of the steps to achieve your success in the following by:-

1.  Want.
2.  How.
3.  Plan.
4.  Achieve.

Number 1.  Want.

You want this idea "bike with a super power petal"

Number 2.  How?

a) How you can build it?
b) How much is going to cost?
c) How you can sell it?
d) How many you want to sell it?
e) How you can market it?
f) How many people like your idea?
g) How long is going to take?

Number 3.  Plan.

When you have done the number 2.  You need to write your plan down and follow the steps.

Number 4.  Achieve.

How you could achieve it?  You can achieve it by not giving up, no going back, nothing going to stop you, nothing going to make you stop, nothing going to pull you down.  It can take a week or take few years.

I heard about Nike self lace trainer on 2011 but there weren't any self lace but there will be SELF LACE on October 2015!!!

See the video

How long it took NIKE to develop this idea?  The good things about NIKE is they didn't give up and not going back to the starting point.  When we look at the product's and we never thought how long it take to build it?

Let say, you got an apple on your hand.  How long it get in your hand?  Let's image to the starting points.

1. A seed.
2. Grow into a tree.
3. Apple grown on the branch.
4. Apple remove by a farmer.
5. Farmer inspect apple.
6. Farmer pack apples in the package.
7. Deliver to the store.
8. You brought apple from the store.
9. Apple on your hand and ready to eat.

How long this progress take?  5 years or more!

Remember this, don't give up and don't going back.

Mountain theory.

I use my mountain theory which it is always works.  Your goal is the top of the mountain and you are at the bottom of the mountain.

When you start and every progress you have done is a step forward and every barrier is a stop but don't give up to find a step to move ahead.

If I rush to the top of the mountain in a giant step, it is unreachable and I will fall down to the bottom.

So, take a step in a time to achieve your goal.


Your attitude is very important, never ever focus on negative outlook which can mess up your mentality and unable to cope with a simple things.  Just look at the positive things about yourself and your work.  However hard is it or how bad is it and you still doing it which it is a good things because you haven't give up or quit if things getting too hard.

Never think what you had, think about now.  For example, oh I used to have a Aston Martin but now I got 10 years old banger which it is a depressing thought and drag you down. It is better to think, I used to have Aston Martin and I can get a better car. Then uses the Want, How, Plan and Achieve.

When anyone being rude or doing stupid toward to you.  Just take a step back and try to make it with a positive response in a good manner.  Don't insults to the customer which can ruin your reputation!  Sometime they expect our product is free.  Yes, seriously it's crazy but think about yourself to support your family and believe that you are doing is the good things. Never let them control your price which can bankrupt you and ruin your life which it is very very wrong.  Customer is not always right because sometime they don't see or lack of understanding about the business therefore they sometime being ignorant!  Nothing is free!

All the Best!


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