Thursday, 13 February 2014


Hello Guy's and Gal's.

Thomas and I at the Pizza Hut.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Shaun Sadlier, I am a British Deaf entrepreneur.

My experience being Deaf is difficult, my first language is the British Sign Language which it is completely different from the English grammar and structure.  And it is more direct language, using the body language and expression which it is easy to understood and effective language tool...  I love British Sign language!

Why I am saying "Difficult"?  Being Deaf often excludes in the mainstream society, isolated, easy get frustrate and stress because of the communication difficulties, poor access to the vital service such as A&E hospital, lack of the local social life and miss out of lots of things.  Also, I got knocked over four times by a car and once by a lorry because I didn't hear them coming!  But, over the times, I learnt to cope with the difficult situation, don't give up or going back to overcome the barriers.  No matter how hard or bad is it.  Just get through it and look at the positive side to help you to cope.

Most Deaf people I know love playing the video games and watch movie's WITH closed captioning available.  We rather play the video game than "listen" to the music. The worst thing's is when there is a new movie release that we all exciting about and discovers there is no subtitles available.

We formed a business called Films14 on May 2013 and which it meant to be launched on January 2014.  It's Online movie and TV's Series with 100% access for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafen, Blind and Partially Sighted.

Why it hadn't launch yet?  A common question.

It happened when we got new director's come aboard, change our company name, worked with new team on December 2013 which it is very hard to launch during that time considering we need to settle down, build an e-commerce with the professional web designer, worked with Ooyala video platforms, sorting out with the equity share's and ton's of the paperwork to do.  Better to wait than never!  I can't bring you all the details as it's up to our PR.  A silver tape across my mouth!  It will be very nice when it finally launch then I can start to relax a bit.

If you are an entrepreneur and running a corporate business then you know what is like.  It would be nice if a fairy godmother come flying down and wave a magic wand to get everything done ;-)

My next Blog will be about my entrepreneur journey from nothing to a corporate business in a year.

All the Best!