Friday, 14 February 2014

My entrepreneur journey.

Hello there,

I meant to write about my entrepreneur journey but I decided it's better to leave it until the journey is complete.  The video in the below, that's where I get an idea from.  There are so many hidden business opportunity at anywhere.

I can tell you a few things which can be very useful for you.  When you want to start your own business, do the market research before you progress with the business plan in the following by:-

1. Look at your products compare to the another companies products. (if it is similar product as your.)

2. Who is your competition and are they preforming well?

3. Is your products is stand out from the rest and why?

4. Would you buy your own product?

5. Ask your trustful friend's and be careful, they could steal your idea's.  (I asked my wife at the first!)

If you think your idea is a hot stuffs, in the niches marketing and very passionate about your idea..  You need to be prepare for the bumping ride, don't give up or going back when it is getting too hard or hitting the barriers.  It will affect your personal finance greatly for a year or two but, after this hard period and the reward could be greatly beneficial.

I hope this Blog is very useful for you and good luck when you are going to start your own business.

All the Best!


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